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We here at Landmark desire to see LC young people with their hearts set on fire for the things of God. We want to respond to the social and spiritual needs of our youth by providing fun programs, activities, and events where they'll have the opportunity to develop and nurture their own spiritual walk. Our team is dedicated to consistently providing an amazing experience for our students though out the year, but, most importantly, our team's primary goal is to share Christ's love with our youth..



In each service, the music department endeavors to lead the congregation in worship through various avenues of music ministry. The divisions of the music department include: Youth Music, Worship Teams, Sign and Drama Team, Media Ministries, and the Sanctuary Choir.


Paul and Silas, sitting in the prison house having been wrongfully accused, beaten, and chained, lifted up their voice in prayers and in praise (Acts 16:19-36). Despite their current predicament, or whether they felt it or not, their love for God ran deeper than their emotions, physicality, and status. Because they lifted up their voice in song, the foundations of that prison were shaken. Both their chains and their fellow prisoners’ chains were loosed, and in the end… a soul was saved. Their example has set the foundation for the Landmark Church Music Department as a ministry.



Landmark Church is a church that loves children. We express that love through creativity, passion & fun in our Children’s Ministry.



The Ladies department mission is to REACH OUT in support of each other in Love while REACHING UP to realize our own individual Worth and Potential. Fulfilling God's Purpose for our lives.



The purpose of our Men’s Ministry is to provide men with spiritual tools to properly align themselves with Christ. When in alignment, this will enrich the relationship we have with our families and each other, activating the mission and purpose God has designed for us. This is a call to MAN UP!

Covenant Christian School


Committed to providing excellence in education in a distinctly Pentecostal environment.  For more than 40 years CCS has educated future community, business, and church leaders.  Come join us today!

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