Pastor Rob Akers came to Landmark Church in June of 2013.  His wife, Sis. Ginger Akers, is involved with the music ministry.  They have two children - Emma is 10 years old; Alden is 3.  Pastor Akers also serves as principal of Covenant Christian School, an Apostolic ministry in Bloomington.



​Pastor Akers previously served for ten years as lead pastor of Tree of Life Christian Fellowship in London, Kentucky, and before that was Assistant Pastor and Youth Pastor of Apostolic Holiness Church in Dawson Springs, Kentucky.  He spent seventeen years as a high school teacher and holds degrees from Murray State University and the University of Kentucky.


Pastor Akers is the gradson of Rev. Harry Akers, who served as pastor of Landmark Church, then known as Broadview Bible Church, from 1957-1966.  



Where No One Has A Past and Every One Has A Future


At Landmark Church, you will be greeted, loved and accepted. From the parking lot to the Sanctuary, we want you to feel at home and know that there is a place for you at Landmark Church. Our services encompass the belief that God wants to meet our needs and He does so on a regular basis.What is impossible is made possible through the moving of His Holy Spirit. From the moment the worship team steps into place until the preached Word is delivered, there is an open response in faith from all the congregation.  Lives are changed and destinies rearranged every week.  Our hope is that YOU will experience His powerful presence.